These days, marketing has a bad reputation. It’s not uncommon to hear business owners say things like “I’ve tried marketing— it doesn’t work… at least not for my business.”

But why? After all, marketing is what separates McDonalds from the local burger joint down the street. One brought in 27 billion dollars in revenue in 2011, the other is just barely making enough to pay for its expenses.

The problem isn’t marketing— the problem is that many people who call themselves “marketers” or run “marketing firms” have no idea what they are doing. They are based NOT off of experience, but rather textbook knowledge that is often outdated, obsolete, or just plain wrong.…and, of course, there are many who are “fly-by-night marketers” and are just looking to take advantage of unsuspecting business owners.

Marketing is a science— the science of selling. There are facts and rules that have been proven to increase sales… and most people who call themselves “marketers” have no idea that they exist. We, however, do.We believe solely in your bottom line. Our job isn’t to make people smile, laugh, or get excited… it is to get you more sales— to give you the best return on your investment possible.

This philosophy is why, in an industry where the average client fires their marketing firm after five months, we have never had a client leave us. We are the best because we know what real marketing is.



The Viewpoint SEO Marketing Media is the brain child of it’s founder and president, Anthony Manriquez.

An entrepreneur since birth, Anthony fell into marketing and advertising at the young age of sixteen. He networked and became friends with the thinktanks and professionals in the industry and began to train under them. Presently after his seventeen birthday, he began to speak at marketing seminars and give meetings to “big-name” marketers, assisting with problems they couldn’t find the answers to themselves.

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