Anthony Manriquez

CEO & President of Viewpoint SEO, LLC.


COO & President of Viewpoint SEO LLC – SEO Marketing Expert


In 2012 started his online career in Amazon creating brands like Pro Blade, Ace Swing and Mulberry in less than one year created over 15 new brands currently being sold on Amazon today.

In 2014 founded Viewpoint SEO  Internet Advertising & Media Company that specializes in search engine optimization. Given presentations on SEO strategies at meet-ups and conferences throughout Southern California, a seasoned speaker, Anthony Manriquez has spoken to audiences that range from 30 to 2,000 business owners. Shortly after quickly climb to become one of the top SEO minds in Southern California currently serves more than 200 clients.

Preeminent recognized for his up-front truthful attitude, insurmountable results and unbeatable fortified experience with numerous rewards and certifications in Google and Cisco Systems. What has contribute to his success? Anthony simply cares about one metric? And that’s how much revenue he can drive to your company.


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