Local Oklahoma City Search Explained

Local search engine optimization has significantly grown over the past few years, especially with the increase of smartphone audience as well as better connectivity while on the go. Even though local  Oklahoma city SEO has numerous similarities with organic SEO, it is also different.

Local search engine optimization is primarily focused on giving results that are relevant to the user in regards to their current location. So, if you search for the best ‘Chinese food restaurant’ on your phone, Google or your favorite search engine will give you the results that are nearest to you.

Back in 2011, statistics showed that over 40% of smartphone queries have local intent. Four out of five individuals, according to Fresh Egg, use mobile devices to search local information. As a result, two in three take action and one in three went ahead to make the purchase.

Google, not so long ago, also indicated that one in three mobile queries in the US are now ‘’local’’ and about 90% of people use their smartphones while on the go. The company ideally found out that over 90% of people look up local information on their smartphones and the main functions are either calling or visiting the business.

So, for Google and other search engines to provide users with the most relevant information, Oklahoma City local based results will continue to be more prevalent. That being said, what can you do to optimize your company for local search? Well, the rest of this read contains a few tips that can make your site more local friendly.

Google Places

Claiming your Google Places for business page is the first thing that you should do. In this phase, ensure that you provide your contact information, address and opening/closing hours.

Providing this information regarding your business lends the search engine a better understanding of your company’s topic and gives a signal that you are related to a localized search about what you do.
This is the easiest way to ensure your company shows up in search and maps.

Google Plus Local

Next, you’ll need to link your Google Places Page to Google Plus Local page. The latter is more focused on the social interaction aspect. It features information about your business, posts and images, reviews and people will be able to access videos and even comments.

Google Local results dominate so much that one as to scroll a long way down in order to find regular results. If users use Maps to search, local listings become even more dominant.

When creating a Google Plus Local page, make sure you do the following:

  • Optimize the about business copy by referencing keywords
  • The title of the page should include your brand name, the targeted keyword as well as the location. This can be easily done without making either the page or meta-description sound unnatural.
  • Reference the Keywords in the Title
  • Do not forget to include “Restaurant” if that is actually your business.
  • Ensure you Include Your Listing in the Ideal Category
  • “Chinese Restaurants” is a better category than just “Restaurants”
  • Add Your Address in a Consistent Format

The name, address and phone number (NAP) are a key factor when it comes to ranking locally. NAP citations from authoritative and relevant sites will give more value, similar to links. Properly stating this information will act as a substantial signal that you are a company related to a certain location and this will ultimately improve your visibility.

Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

Reviews are some of the biggest local search engine optimization ranking factor and are more often than not, compared to organic OKC SEO. Listings with reviews ideally stand out and so, encouraging our clients to leave their thoughts will increase your chances of success. That is of course, if those opinions are positive. Search engine optimization cannot help if your food sucks.

Have a Listing for Each Physical Location

Doing this will ensure that potential customers have the right details for the nearest brand when they conduct a local search. It will also give your company more chances to increase rankings on the search engine results pages.  As you can see, getting optimized locally is not a hard task if you know exactly what to do. You can repeat this process with other popular search engines like Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

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