Do you want to up your SEO game? If so, you may want to check out some SEO blogs that share high-quality posts regarding what works and what doesn’t in today’s search engine landscape. This is particularly helpful if you’re only getting started. There’s a steep learning curve involved, but it’s certainly possible to master the basics and get acquainted with the latest and effective strategies if you know where to find them. Are you prepared to do a lot of reading? The following are the top SEO blogs on the internet.

The Moz Blog

Without a doubt, The Moz Blog is one of the most popular SEO blogs on the planet. This Seattle-based SEO company has been in the industry since 2004. Moz is known for publishing some of the best guides for beginners. But that isn’t to say veteran online marketers wouldn’t benefit from reading their blog. They also offer advanced training material and some useful resources that can take anyone’s SEO game through the roof.

Search Engine Land

This is another contender for the most popular SEO blog. Search Engine Land has everything you’re looking for—from the latest news in the SEO world to current marketing trends that can help you generate more leads and sales. What’s more, they always seem to be the first to share breaking news in the industry. And although it seems that they only have a handful of writers, expect to read topics about different areas of online marketing.


If you want a breath of fresh air, then KISSmetrics is a must-read. This blog puts emphasis on data and metrics. That means if you’re a numbers guy, you’ll love the posts in this awesome blog. It’s worth noting that they delve much deeper into online marketing. Their articles aren’t limited to SEO topics. And in terms of sheer article quality, it’s hard to find another blog that can beat KISSmetrics. They steer clear of the dull “newspaper” format and take on a more conversational tone to connect with readers.


This is another blog that adopts a conversational tone, making it easier for both newbies and experts to understand their content. What’s great about HubSpot is that it covers a wide range of topics—from SEO and sales to web design and user experience enhancements. Surely, reading the blog and following the tips offered by the experts can help keep all your bases covered, pointing you in the right direction to inch closer toward your online marketing goals.


You may have come across SEMRush when researching about the best SEO tools you can include in your arsenal. But other than their handy SEO site audit tool, they also have an outstanding blog where you can learn about exact strategies you can implement in your SEO campaigns. You will find that their posts focus on giving advice which you can put into practice right away, compelling you to take action instead of just reading countless articles and never doing anything.

Countless other online resources are surely worth a read. But you can’t go wrong by following these 5 best SEO blogs. Just make sure to put all the tips you read into action so you can see what strategies work best for you.

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